【Environmental food packaging - Biodegradable - Compostable】This is the direction of the future.

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  • 11years experience professional

    11years experience professional

  • Automatic high updated equipment

    Automatic high updated equipment

  • Eco Friendly paper products

    Eco Friendly paper products

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  • Reasonable price,stable quanlity

    Reasonable price,stable quanlity

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    Reply within 24 hours

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Established in 2009, Judin Pack Group is a specialized manufacturer of disposable food cups and containers, located in Ningbo City, a famous seaport city, we are enjoying convenient transportation, which has brought us more opportunities and competitive advantages on international markets. The company has experienced foreign trade service team and management experience, as the company’s operating bring a great vitality.

Featured Press

  • Manufacturer of Disposable Paper Cups Meeting the Growing Demand for Convenience and Sustainability

    With the rise of food delivery culture and people’s increasing attention to environmental protection issues, disposable paper cups have become anindispensable part of our dail life. As the demand for these cups continues to grow,the role of disposable paper cup manufacturers has become even...

  • Respective advantages of Wooden Cutlery, PLA Cutlery and Paper Cutlery

    Wooden Cutlery: Biodegradable: Wooden cutlery is made from natural materials and is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly option. Sturdy: Wooden cutlery is generally sturdy and can handle a variety of foods without breaking or splintering. Natural appearance: Wooden cutlery has a ...

  • Understanding RPET and Its Environmental Benefits

    Understanding RPET and Its Environmental Benefits RPET, or Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a material created by recycling PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastics, such as water bottles and food containers. Reusing existing material is the recycling process that conserves resources, red...

  • Introducing the Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

    In a move towards sustainability and eco-friendliness, the latest addition to the packaging industry is the white and kraft paper bag with handles. These paper bags are not only versatile but also environmentally friendly, making them the perfect choice for businesses and individuals looking to r...

  • Exploring Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

    In the ever-evolving world of restaurants and cafes, a fresh trend is taking root: sustainable food service packaging—a green approach that modern establishments are enthusiastically embracing. This eco-friendly revolution is not just about saving the planet but also about enhancing the dining ex...