【Environmental food packaging - Biodegradable - Compostable】This is the direction of the future.

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  • 11years experience professional

    11years experience professional

  • Automatic high updated equipment

    Automatic high updated equipment

  • Eco Friendly paper products

    Eco Friendly paper products

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  • Reasonable price,stable quanlity

    Reasonable price,stable quanlity

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    Reply within 24 hours

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About Us

Established in 2009, Judin Pack Group is a specialized manufacturer of disposable food cups and containers, located in Ningbo City, a famous seaport city, we are enjoying convenient transportation, which has brought us more opportunities and competitive advantages on international markets. The company has experienced foreign trade service team and management experience, as the company’s operating bring a great vitality.

Featured Press

  • Salad bowls of different shapes are popular in Russia

    With the development of our society, people now pay more and more attention to health and light food, salad has become a popular food, whether it is fitness or weight loss, or daily dinner, salad is a good choice, at this time, the choice of salad paper bowl is particularly important.How to choos...

  • Regarding Benefits of Recycled Paper As a Material

    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: The “Big Three” of sustainable living. Everyone knows the phrase, but not everyone knows the environmental benefits of recycled paper. As recycled paper products grow in popularity, we’ll break down how recycled paper positively impacts the environmen...

  • Bagasse food packaging hot sale in France

    Recently, biodegradable products are here! Bagasse food packaging becomes an effective solution to the plastic problem. These eco-friendly products are easily broken down to be compostable, so recycling is easier. About Bagasse Food Packaging Actually, these are corn and sugar cane based disposab...

  • Eco-friendly sustainable packaging in 2022 and beyond

    Sustainable business practices are more prominent than ever, with sustainability fast becoming a higher priority for businesses and larger enterprises across the globe. Not only is sustainable working driving a shift in consumer demand, but it is encouraging big brands to tackle ongoing plastic w...

  • PLA cutlery meets customer needs in an eco-friendly way

    Offer customers an eco-friendly way to enjoy hot or cold food. These stylish knife and fork spoon are made from heat-resistant CPLA (a special type of compostable PLA plastic) that can safely withstand temperatures up to 80℃. Perfect for serving with salads, appetizers, entrees or desserts, these...